How to Work With Me

I often work with women in mid-life, 30’s to 50’s, whose lives are no longer working for them. They are going through a life change. How they defined themselves throughout their adult life, no longer fits. At the same time, the world around them is changing and they are not sure who they are in this new paradigm.

They’ve had a “successful” life, but now they feel unfulfilled and desire more. The status quo is no longer enough. They are being pushed/pulled in a new direction, but may not know what that is. Some life change has called them to do and be something different. They are on their spiritual path, but having trouble connecting to their guides or trusting the information that they receive. They feel confused, isolated, alone and disconnected.

I’m here to help you get clarity around who the new person is that wants to emerge. We work together with your Soul Team to uncover your soul purpose and the best way to bring it forward into the world.

I’m here to guide and support you through the process in four different ways.


Michelle Warnica


I am the Founder of “Creating Your Blissful Life.” a group dedicated to inspire, support, and guide conscious women who are committed to their personal development, spiritual growth and transformation.

My mission is to help women transform into their authentic selves and create authentic lives by accessing their divine guidance and elevating their consciousness.

I create a safe space where women can be vulnerable and experience transformation. This experience enables them to access their inner wisdom and opens communication with divine guidance.

What is so beautiful about these experiences, is that in each workshop there is always at least one woman in need of support with something she is going through. Because we are trained to be strong and independent, often it doesn't even occur to us to ask for help or even that we could use help.

Then through the exercises and group sharing, something is triggered and she feels safe to share. This allows the other women to share their common experience while each bringing their own brand of compassion to the situation as they rise up to support and learn from each other.

It’s these intimate moments that inspire me to do this work.

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Michelle Warnica


This 12 week transformational journey - Activate Your Soul Purpose: Six Steps to Elevate Your Consciousness and Find Your Calling is based on my journey of elevating to higher consciousness throughout my spiritual awakening. These six steps led me to uncover my soul purpose and taught me the language of my soul. Once I learned my Soul’s language, it became clear I’m here to help other women uncover their soul purpose. After they know what they’re here to do, then we work together with their Soul Team to design a plan on the best way for each woman to share her gift with the world. 

This 12 week journey is the First Stage and a foundational building block course. It is designed to elevate your consciousness from wherever you find yourself. If you already know your Soul Purpose, then it will elevate your consciousness and strengthen your connection to the Divine, allowing you to uplevel your purpose-work to reflect your current state of consciousness.

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Michelle Warnica

Ask Your Soul

I have the ability to connect to your SOUL for answers to your questions.

Your SOUL is you on the spiritual plane. She knows why you’re here and how to live your life to its full potential. That is her purpose - to guide you in making decisions for your highest and best good. This includes relationships, career, health and spirituality. This unique experience delivers messages from yourself, not spirit. That is what makes it so accurate. It’s from you, for you.

Why schedule a SOUL Reading:

  • She knows what you are here to accomplish, what you are capable of.
  • Whether it’s confidence, stuck in the wrong relationship, trauma from a past life, your SOUL knows what is holding you back from living the life that you were born to live.
  • She also knows the life that you were born to live and how to make it happen.
  • She knows your strengths, your deepest desires and the gifts that are yours to be exploited.

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Michelle Warnica

1:1 Coaching

When we begin our work together, we start by channelling your SOUL and together we guide you back to your authentic self. Whether you know it or not, your SOUL is always sending messages that are guiding you to your soul purpose. I help you to learn the language of your soul, allowing you to remember who you are and who you came here to be.

My intention for our time together is to build a bridge from “you” to your SOUL, using my Six Step process to Elevate Your Consciousness to Connect to Divine Guidance. The goal of the program is for you to access guidance and open communication with your SOUL easily and often.

By learning this practice, you’ll always trust yourself and know that you are living your life for your highest and best good.

Living a life guided by your SOUL allows you to:

  • Access Source energy and all the support of the Universe, so that you always feel guided and supported and not alone!
  • Expand into Love and Compassion for yourself and others, knowing deeply that WE ARE ALL ONE.
  • Expand your Intuition, enabling prompt decision making in alignment with our highest and best good.
  • Live in flow consciously following divine signs and messages to the right people, places and things to fulfill our desires in divine timing.
  • Live your life according to your soul purpose, feeling whole and fulfilled and experiencing more joy and pleasure on a daily basis.

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“The session we did together was such an incredible gift to me. I had questions about relationships and the answers you gave me were so on point. The answers were really so clearly from my higher self because there were things that you knew about me that you could not possibly have known otherwise. Even though I came to you for answers about relationships, I got so much more because there were things that my higher self wanted me to know that weren't even on my radar. One of the parts I like the most about the session was that you gave me practical steps to take to heal the deeper issues I wasn't even aware of. Thank you so much, Michelle!"

~ Pam Moskwa

"I have had stomach issues my entire life and have tried everything from diets to cleanses to specific meditations.... I felt at such a loss and thought I was going to have to live with constant pain for the rest of my life.

In my session with Michelle I asked her to ask my higher self if my issues were emotional and what could I do to heal myself. The answers I received brought tears to eyes and so many instances from my life flashed through my mind as Michelle shared the answers being given to her. It all made sense and I felt as if I already knew, deep down.... I felt this wave of relief and asked Michelle for some guidance as to what to do. The tools she gave me to heal myself were so beautiful and so effective that I immediately started to feel relief. Not only that, three days later a workmate of mine said “Dorit, you are illuminating this beautiful white light”

Thank you, Michelle for your love, support and guidance. I’m continuing to practice the tools I’d been given and am feeling better & better everyday. True healing is happening."

~ Dorit Wright